What Storey Drivers Have to Say About Staying Healthy on the Road


Sticking to healthy habits is always challenging. We tend to “fall off the healthy wagon” when we have a rough day, when things get busy, or when we just don’t have enough time to think about health.

But living a healthy lifestyle becomes even more of a challenge when you’re on the road. Many people experience this when they travel for vacation, but for truck drivers, maintaining healthy habits while spending countless hours on the road can be even more of a struggle.

The good news is that small changes can make a significant impact when it comes to our lives and our health. But don’t take it from us! See what our fellow Storey drivers have to say, as members of our team share their insight into how they maintain their health on the road. 

Tip 1: Fit in Movement Whenever You Can

Experts recommend that American adults aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. And that doesn’t need to come in large chunks — small segments of movement count.

Drivers know they won’t have everyday access to a gym, or even big blocks of time to spend exercising. But that’s OK! Our drivers get creative on ways to fit it in.

Storey drivers fit in a quick walk and stretches when they are on a break, or get in some extra steps by parking a little further away in the parking area. They may even sneak in some strength training and movement by bringing a few items along in the truck — a light dumbbell can be used for a quick set of bicep curls or carried on a walk for extra weight, a jump rope can be used anytime and anywhere, and you can even use something like a jug of water as a weight.

Tip 2: Choose Healthy Foods When Possible

The foods you’ll find on the road aren’t always the healthiest. Often, our drivers will pack healthy food options from home. But if they have to eat on the road, they know what to look for, and can often pair together some fairly healthy options.

You’re looking for foods that will help fuel your body properly to give you the energy you need to push through your day. Junk food and fried fast foods don’t fit the bill.

Instead, look for better options such as healthy carbs like fruits and veggies, whole grains like sandwiches on whole grain bread, and lean protein like turkey, chicken, or egg.

Our drivers also recommend that you don’t drink your calories! Choose water whenever possible, but if you need something with a little flavor, choose a low- or no-calorie version rather than a sugary soda or juice.

Tip 3: Keep Your Mind Active

When you’re on the road for hours, your mind can get a little restless. Many Storey drivers keep it engaged by finding a hobby or other activity that they can do when on a break or when done for the day.

Whether you enjoy reading, solving puzzles, playing games, or even something like playing the guitar or learning a foreign language, the goal is simply to help your mind stay engaged and active. These types of activities can help reduce stress and promote mental clarity, both of which are key components in maintaining health.

Tip 4: Stay Safe

While safety might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a healthy lifestyle, it’s an important component to our drivers.

To stay at your healthiest, you need to take steps to promote safety, reducing your risk of injury. 

When you’re on the road, that can take multiple forms. Certainly you want to avoid distracted driving, but it’s also important to be aware of your surroundings when you’re stopping along your route. Make sure you’re parking in a safe space and keeping an eye on those around you at all times to promote personal safety.

Thanks to John S., Ed S., Percilla S., Steve B., Richie B., Dexter H. and other drivers for sharing their most important tips with us for this article!

At Storey Trucking, we practice a “driver-first company culture.” That means our drivers — and their health — are at the forefront of everything we do. Interested in joining the Storey team? Visit our drivers page or apply online. You can also call the office and ask for Steve Berryman at 800.633.2444.

David Martin