Dispatch Dream Team


(Left to Right: Steve Berryman, Wayne Hawk, Jackie Nichols, Tina Cisco)

Storey Trucking is proud to spotlight our dispatch team this month. We know it’s important for our drivers to be able to rely on a top notch team that has experience moving freight and meeting driver needs. This team of 4 are easily accessible and familiar with each driver. They have more than 80 years of combined dispatch experience between them and this knowledge of the industry provides our drivers with the best support possible to run their routes and return home as seamlessly as possible.

“Problem solving” is in their job description, and the relationships that they build with each driver make them truly love their job. They take pride in being the main point of contact, whether it is a simple fix or emergency situation. 

Who are these voices on the other end of the line? What do they actually do for each driver? See below for a summary of their roles and to learn more about them.


Steve joined the Dispatch Team two years ago. He has a very diverse career past- from 4 years in the Air Force, 6 years in the National Guard, insurance sales, and has logged over 3 million miles as a driver that included solo, team, and driver training. He has 2 grown daughters and is married to his wife, Charlotte. 

Steve’s primary responsibility is to manage the Colorado and Idaho inbound loads. He sends loads to the solo drivers delivering in Denver, Salt Lake City or Idaho. In addition, he works with drivers on ELD issues, helps with driver recruitment, and responds to driver feedback and suggestions. 


With 28 years of experience at Storey, Tina has the longest tenure of the team. Her late husband was a longtime driver and she was born and raised in Henager. Tina recently welcomed her second grandchild and enjoys spending time with her two grown children. Rumor has it that Tina is an avid antique collector with great taste.

Tina is primarily responsible for inbound California loads. She works with some of our largest accounts as well as many others, keeping them apprised of where we are on loads, especially those with multiple pickups. In that regard, she also deals with the local California drivers who make the majority of the pickups. Tina is the primary contact for any issues with permits or license plates. Also, if a driver is told to go out of route because of weather or other issues, Tina makes sure our computer routing matches the actual route driven. 


Wayne has been with Storey for more than 25 years. He is a skilled woodworker, enjoys riding his Honda VTX1800 on the weekends and he and wife, Sharon, are die-hard Alice Cooper fans.  Wayne has had a long career in the produce industry

Wayne works as load planner for outbound and inbound loads which entails gathering the loads from our customers or brokers and manages the balance of inbound with outbound. He dispatches all the outbound loads except on weekends and most loads are planned by Wayne. He does several reports for our customers, letting them know if our driver has loaded or delivered on time and where enroute loads are currently located.


Jackie has been a part of the Dispatch team for 2 years. Prior to working at Storey, Jackie was wearing multiple hats, payroll / safety / dispatch, for another company. She is proud to be an Auburn fan, but swears she is not an arrogant one!  She spends some free time fishing with her husband, Kris, and with her daughter Olivia.

Jackie’s primary responsibility is coordinating delivery of inbound loads, especially those brought to Henagar. She does the load sheets, sets up delivery appointments and assigns local Henagar drivers to the deliveries. Jackie tracks loads and sends a location reports in twice a day. She keeps track of load locks and straps from the loads that are delivered by local drivers at Henagar. You may often find Jackie filling in for Steve or Tina in their abscense. 

Years of experience in the industry combined with their ability to maintain relationships and formulate solutions makes this group a Dispatch Dream Team. We are grateful for their hard work as well as the hard work of our drivers to make things happen every day!  They are an integral part of the process and we are happy to have each of them as members of the Storey family. 

Lauren Davis