Driving Together for Storey Trucking: “A Dream Come True”


In this day and age, it can be hard to find an employer that stands behind its word and holds true to what it tells potential workers. But for Butch and Lisa Bates, they found just that in Storey Trucking.

Butch was working for a local trucking company in Lebanon, Tennessee, and Lisa was working as a school bus driver when they stumbled upon an opportunity with Storey. That opportunity became a dream come true for their family.

“My work wasn’t going very well,” Butch says of his previous job. “We started looking for something better for our family and saw this job online.”

Lisa adds, “We’d always said since we first met that if we ever found a company that would let us drive as a team and spend time together as a family, we’d be on our way.”

On Their Way

Butch joined the Storey Trucking team first, as Lisa contemplated also coming on board and driving as a team with him. Watching as Butch onboarded with Storey and began working allowed Lisa a unique chance to see if the company would be the right fit for their family.

She decided quickly that it wasn’t just the right fit — it was the perfect fit.

“He started before I did, as I continued to think about it,” Lisa says. “It was like God gave me this feeling one day that everything was going to be OK and that this is what we needed to do.”

Promises Kept

From the get-go, Butch and Lisa found that Storey Trucking was unlike any past employer that either had worked for. And that was a very good thing.

“While Butch was working for Storey and I hadn’t joined on yet, we had decided we wanted to see if everything they were saying to us was true,” Lisa says. “I’ll be honest with you — this is the only company we’ve found that has ever held true to their word and what they tell potential drivers. That really lured both of us. We’re not used to being told this is what we do, this is where you go… and then having the company actually follow through.”

In the Bates’ minds, Storey goes well beyond being just another trucking company.

“We can’t believe that there’s really a company out there that truly cares for drivers as a part of the family,” Lisa says. “When we first went to the Storey headquarters, the entire team came out and greeted us like we’re family — not a stranger and not a number. You can tell right off that you mean something. That has not changed.”

A Schedule That Works With You

While driving together and balancing family time were essential for Butch and Lisa, they were also looking for flexibility in scheduling and the ability to take time off as needed. They found that with Storey.

“We both have family back home, and if we need to get back home or there are medical issues we need to take care of, that’s never been a problem with Storey,” Butch says. “We have never had that phone call nagging us to get back on the road. The philosophy is very much ‘Do what you need to do for your family and let us know when you’re ready to get on the road again.’”

And flexibility isn’t the only thing the Bates gained when they joined the Storey Trucking team, either.

“There are no negatives to working with Storey,” Butch says. “Usually you can find a negative quickly, but we are almost a year in and I still have only seen good things. I haven’t found a negative yet.”

What are you waiting for? To learn more about driving with Storey Trucking, visit our drivers page or apply online. You can also call the office and ask for Steve Berryman at 800.633.2444.

David Martin