The Art of Balance: Team Driving for Storey Means More Time Together


Linda and Wes Bradley have been married for 19 years, 16 of which have been spent driving trucks together. While many couples prefer to have separate work lives, the Bradleys wanted to spend as much time together as possible.

“The first thing that happens after you get married is you go your separate ways after the honeymoon,” Linda explains. “The husband will go to his job, the wife to hers, all day long, at least five days a week. Then, when you are at home, you’ve got your other obligations like errands, housework, and other chores, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to spend together.”

That’s why Linda and Wes chose to drive as a team in the trucking industry. And they did so for many years.

But when Linda’s mother became sick, she took a job working in a physician’s office. After her mother passed, Linda wanted to get back into trucking. She discovered Storey Trucking and began driving again with Wes in January 2018.

The Importance of Working for a Company You Love

Linda and Wes truly understand the meaning of “team,” as they’ve worked together for so long that they have a well-established system for sharing responsibilities and handling any challenges that come their way. And according to the Bradleys, working for Storey Trucking has only improved their relationship. Because their work lives and their personal lives intertwine, it’s important for Linda and Wes to work for a company they love.

“We highly recommend Storey Trucking for any couple teaming on the road,” says Linda. “Unlike the big corporations, Storey treats you like family. They know you by name, not just as a truck number.”

The Perks of Driving for Storey

According to Linda, Storey has the best equipment, and it’s always well-maintained. The company also offers good benefits, a sign-on bonus, and mileage bonuses. But it’s not just the equipment and financial perks that make Storey the best company for the Bradleys — it’s also the family atmosphere.

“It’s so nice to hear that you are doing a good job,” says Linda. “You are acknowledged and rewarded for everything. Your dedication and hard work never go unnoticed.”

Spending More Time Together

Linda says if you’re looking for a small, family-oriented, honest, good-paying trucking company, look no further than Storey. And as she can attest, if you come by and visit, unlike most company presidents, Eric Storey will meet you on the front porch.

“I can't think of a better way to be together than team driving for Storey Trucking,” she says.

What are you waiting for? To learn more about driving with Storey Trucking, visit our drivers page. You can also call Steve or Eric at 800.633.2444 or apply online today.

David Martin